Raymond Jean Leguelut
French, 1898-1971

As a member of “The Poetic Painters of Reality” circa 1949, Raymond Legueult shared the desire of his fellow artists to represent nature and their surroundings in a poetic, personally influenced way. Along with most of the group (including Roland Oudot, Christian Caillard, and his studio-mate Maurice Brianchon), Legueult was a graduate of the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and a student of Eugène Morand. He spent formative time in museums where he was influenced by classic and contemporary painters. His works share similarities with the paintings of Pierre Bonnard in their play on color, light, and uniform densities, yet Legueult's paintings have a style uniquely their own. Comparable to music, his paintings combine similar tones to create a harmony, and like poetry, they speak in an expressive language of obscure imagery.

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