Raymond Meeks
American, born 1963
Selected exhibitions
Cabbage White - Raymond Meeks,
Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen
Shine: Winter Group Exhibition,
Charles A. Hartman Fine Art
Charles A. Hartman Fine Art

Self-taught photographer Raymond Meeks focuses on subjects close to home and heart, producing quiet, dreamlike images of himself and his family, as well as the surrounding natural and built environment. As he describes: “I photograph in response to my immediate surroundings: landscapes that I walk or drive past nearly every day, and my family and the ever familiar backyard. There is no real intent other than to make a record of time and place.” He shoots in color and black-and-white, working primarily with a film-based camera, hand printing from negatives in his own darkroom, and often binding his prints together into handcrafted books. Time—and its inexorable passage—is at the heart of Meeks’s work. In his “Pretty Girls Wander” series (2011), for example, he photographs his daughter, Abbey, next to railroad tracks and trains, symbolic of her passage into adulthood