Raymond Yap
Malaysian, born 1966
The Calm Before the Storm,
Element Art Space
Selected Works by Liew Kwai Fei & Raymond Yap,
Valentine Willie Fine Art

Raymond Yap is best known for his adept manipulation of glossy household paints on fiber board. The bubbly and textured surfaces that make his works distinctive are a result of a careful number of choices, including the methodical application and drying time. In spite of the technical complexity of his work, Yap explains that chance plays a large role in his work: “My images are ‘littered with incident’ […] all these processes are mutable and open to the play of chance and the exigencies of time.” Hints of representational imagery, however, do appear in his abstract works; for the paintings in his “Passport” series (2005), Yap applied state crests or royal coats of arms onto the surfaces of the work.

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