Regine Petersen
German, 1976
Regine Petersen,
Galerie Jo van de Loo
Regine Petersen - Find A Fallen Star,
Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam

The works of German photographer Regine Petersen capture moments that are both happened upon and carefully engineered. For the artist, these images are a vehicle for thinking, for ruminating on the balance between what we reveal and what is hidden, and the fine line between intimacy and distance. She often chooses subjects that can be studied from various angles, like meteorites, which she looks at in terms of cosmological, astronomical, geological, philosophical, historical, and emotional significance. Whatever the subject, however, her images share an opaque quality that draws viewers in while leaving part of the story untold. “Rather than a reconstruction of the events,” she has said, “my work is a collection of traces, an investigation into the workings of time, memory and history and an attempt to create a link between the ordinary and the sublime.”

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