Renaud Delorme

French, b. 1970


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Renaud Delorme belongs to an emerging group of innovative artists working in France. What might appear to be an optical illusion at first glance turns out to be an intricate mosaic of shapes and colors upon closer inspection.

Renaud Delorme works at the intersection of pop art, recycling art, and computer graphics – a stylistic synthesis that could not be more unconventional. Whether using tennis balls to artfully recreate the wavy hairstyles of film icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot or shaping Nastassja Kinski’s delicate face out of computer chips and keyboard fragments, Delorme’s Well Organized Muses stay true to their name.
In an era of digital art, the French artist empowers everyday items and experiments with new forms of expression that strive to reach a balance between image and object.

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