Ricardo Rendón
Mexican, born 1970
Selected exhibitions
Nueveochenta at ARTBO 2017,
Zipper Galeria at UNTITLED Miami Beach 2017,
Zipper Galeria
Ricardo Rendón | Vazio Contido,
Zipper Galeria

Ricardio Rendón’s practice is not defined by a single medium or technique, but rather by the artist’s interest in seeing what happens when he experiments with different processes. This curiosity has led him to incorporate into his work elements of masonry, carpentry, leather working, and plumbing. “I always leave traces of the manufacturing process in my work,” he has said. His felt installations, begun in 2007, are perhaps his best-known works; to make these, Rendón attaches a piece of felt to the wall and then cuts it, leaving the discarded felt on the ground below the work.