Ricardo van Steen
Brazilian, born 1958
Selected exhibitions
Zipper Galeria at Moving Image New York 2015,
Zipper Galeria
Zipper Galeria at ArtRio 14,
Zipper Galeria
Ricardo van Steen | Noir,
Zipper Galeria

Ricardo van Steen employs a variety of techniques and mediums—such as drawing, video, photography, audio installation, and watercolor—to explore the relationship between art and technology. Recurring imagery in his works includes urban settings, outer space, and reflective disks. For one series of monochromatic watercolors, van Steen based his images on the results of entering the term “above the clouds” into Google’s image search in various languages; another series is based on photographs taken by satellites. Van Steen was once known for his affiliation with the SX70 Collective, which worked exclusively with the Polaroid SX-70 camera; the artist continues to work in a square image format to this day.