Richard Forster
British, born 1970
Selected exhibitions
Jacob's Ladder,
Ingleby Gallery
Richard Forster: Levittown,
Lora Reynolds Gallery
Richard Forster: Modern,
Ingleby Gallery

Richard Forster creates meticulous black-and-white drawings in graphite, acrylic, and watercolor of photographic images he collects or takes himself. Often presenting his drawings in sequences, Forster has recreated images of pastoral nudes, seascapes, and rare 1920s pinups, capturing with compulsive attention to detail their tonal varieties and textures, and addressing the act of drawing itself. He prefers working from high-contrast Xeroxed source material, rather than original photographs, and refers to his images as “nearly photorealistic,” or “photocopy-realistic.” Some of his drawings contain renderings of ultrarealistic paperclips or masking tape to further the artist’s illusion, as in Nude with pattern (Superimposition) (2011). His early work included sculptural responses to architectural settings, and he has repeatedly explored high-rise social housing blocks as a subject in …

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