Richard Raiselis
40th Anniversay: Artists M - V,
Gallery NAGA
Richard Raiselis - Time for Reflection,
Gallery NAGA

The central subjects of Richard Raiselis’s paintings is Boston, and about the act of seeing. His urban landscapes are either close ups or expansive views of the city, common only in their use of unusual vantage points. To make his paintings, Raiselis has been known to set up his easel on the upper floors of buildings, to facilitate looking down or closely at subjects high up. Recurring subjects include telephone poles in different qualities of light, clouds, buildings, and crowded streets. In his paintings of the streets, Raiselis includes minute details including spray paint markings that have accumulated on the pavement from construction and urban planning, but no figures. The titles he gives to his works belie his influences and inspirations, sometimes referring to jazz and mythology.