Rick Finkelstein
American, born 1950
Selected exhibitions
Robert Mann Gallery at AIPAD Photography Show 2015,
Robert Mann Gallery
Robert Mann Gallery at AIPAD Photography Show 2013,
Robert Mann Gallery
Richard Finkelstein: A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes,
Robert Mann Gallery

Rick Finkelstein creates detailed, miniature dioramas, which he then captures in richly lit photographs. Finkelstein’s scenes are often psychologically loaded and contain playful references to art history. In Brief Encounter (2012), a man and woman meet in the shadowy dark of night, among a trio of mismatched classical columns; other scenes evoke similarly cinematic, ambiguous scenes. Formerly a trial lawyer, Finkelstein has spoken of the relationship between his two occupations. “A criminal trial lawyer does two things. He tells stories. And he also frames a case, decides what is included and excluded,” he says. “He crops the story to only include certain information, which does not reveal the whole truth. So too with photographs.”