Rita Ackermann & Harmony Korine
Hungarian and American, 1968 and 1973

Rita Ackermann first achieved recognition for her Neo-Expressionist paintings of almond-eyed pubescent girls idling in states of undress, a Gauguin-like take on New York's gritty 1990s downtown culture. In 2010, she collaborated with film writer and director Harmony Korine on the series "Shadow Fux." Korine, best known for his screenplay for Larry Clark's Kids (1995) and the cult indie film Gummo (1997), sent Ackermann stills from his 2009 movie Trash Humpers. Taking these stills as their starting point, Korine and Ackermann created luridly colored, densely layered, and multidimensional drawings and paintings on vinyl and canvas, incorporating images from both artists (Korine's masked actors, Ackermann's young women) along with materials like glass shards, globs of sand, ballpoint doodles, and Xerox copies.

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