Robert Forman
American, born 1953
Selected exhibitions
Mark Borghi Fine Art
SPRING 2018,
Francis M. Naumann Fine Art
Francis M. Naumann Fine Art at The Armory Show 2013,
Francis M. Naumann Fine Art

In Robert Forman’s intricate “thread paintings,” he replaces paint with strands of cotton, silk, linen, and rayon, gluing yarn to the surfaces of panels. Forman’s works are typically dense with a complex overlay of images, but he has also produced portraits of his family members and images that make allusions to art history, such as in Les demoiselles d’Avignon Revisited (2007). Twenty years after Forman began working in this method, he discovered that Mexico’s Huichol community worked in a similar medium; in 1992 he travelled to Mexico as a Fulbright Scholar to meet other yarn painters. “My goal,” he has said, “is to meld concept and form into one seamless image.”

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