Robin Friend
Australian-British, born 1983

Robin Friend uses his camera to investigate the uneasy relationship between human beings and nature, taking exquisite photographs that reveal the various ways, both subtle and overt, in which we encroach upon the natural environment. Working in thematic series, Friend approaches his subjects with an explorer’s adventurousness, an activist’s concern, and an artist’s sensitivity to beauty. In one particularly moving series, entitled “With Sorrow Snare”, he photographs a saltwater crocodile, mouth gaping, rising out of the water to lunge at a piece of meat dangling above him on a fishing pole. For “Belly of the Whale” (2008), he photographed an old shipwreck at the foot of a dramatic cliff—his slow exposure allows the sea to dissolve into an indeterminate fuzzy mist, giving the works a haunting, eerie quality.

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