Rory Donaldson
We may be through with the past...(Part 1),
gallery nine 5
Rory Donaldson,
Winkleman Gallery

Rory Donaldson examines the relationship between painting and photography in photographic images that he manipulates to resemble abstract oil or acrylic paintings. For his “SQCITY” series, Donaldson begins by photographing intersections and points of passage or transition in the physical world—doors and doorframes, the grid formations of city streets, subway platforms—before engaging in a process of stretching and altering them to produce what look like large monochrome blocks punctuated by streaks of paint. To create his “RDX” images, he captures photographs of landscapes, cityscapes, and other urban motifs, then erases, moves, or plays with the scale of elements within them, producing colorful, textured effects and directional blurs that recall Gerhard Richter’s squeegees.