Rudy Shepherd
American, born 1975
Selected exhibitions
The Barn Show 2018,
Johannes Vogt Gallery
Mixed Greens at PULSE Miami Beach 2015,
Mixed Greens
Disaster Fatigue,
Mixed Greens

Trayvon Martin, Snoop Dogg, Taliban fighters, and U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords have little in common besides being painted or drawn by Rudy Shepherd in a journal-like recording of news events. Symbolizing a moral gray area, his portraits of perpetrators and victims are visually indistinct, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexity of the subjects and the stories they represent. Shepherd accepts the condemnation of immoral behavior, but denounces the sensationalist media coverage that seems to relish the punishment of “people [who] look a lot like me.” Struck by the emotive nature of news images, he focuses on the moments when a stereotype, a headline, or an assumption is shown to be wholly inadequate. In his series of “Negative Energy Absorber” sculptures (2007-), “Healing Device” ceramics (2012-), and his video The Healer (2012), Shepherd takes a more active stance, …

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