Rupert Garcia
American, born 1941
The Portrait Show,
Rena Bransten Gallery
Rena Bransten Gallery at Expo Chicago,
Rena Bransten Gallery

Deeply entrenched in the activist communities of the San Francisco Bay Area, renowned poster-maker Rupert Garcia creates artwork that synthesizes his political background with a graphic, pop sensibility. Garcia came of age in the post-’68 era, creating screenprints, drawings, and pastel paintings of subject matter drawn from documentary photographs and paintings, and inflected with his political affiliations. Garcia rendered figures like Frida Kahlo or unnamed political prisoners with the bold colors and sharp lines of Warhol or Lichtenstein. Applying the apolitical style of pop to political icons, Garcia melds the sometimes-dissonant aesthetic and social currents of his time. Among his influences are the Mexican muralists Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, and David Siqueiros.