Russell James
Australian, born 1962
Selected exhibitions
The Gisele Exhibition,
Guy Hepner
ANGELS Exhibition in Europe (in collaboration with CAMERA WORK, Germany),
Nomad Two Worlds Gallery
Guy Hepner

Russell James is best known for photographing women in various stages of undress—some are entirely bare, while others wear cinched corsets, binding lingerie, or seductive underwear. His images of nude women tend to be understated and sculptural, while his photographs of scantily clad women ooze with sexuality and lust. The successful fashion and celebrity photographer made a departure from such work, however, when he embarked on his “Nomad Two Worlds” (2012) project. For this series, James returned to his native Australia to collaborate with Aboriginal artists on a collection of images depicting their struggle and experience. Incorporating paint and photography, the resulting works combine James's sensual nudes with his collaborators' earth-toned and organic shapes: circles, dew drops, and curving lines.