Ryan L. Moule
Selected exhibitions
South Kiosk at Unseen Photo Fair 2014,
South Kiosk
South Kiosk

In his evocative photography projects, Ryan L. Moule foregrounds the medium’s instability, questioning our trust in photographs as immutable records of the world. “I’m interested in photography’s complicated relationship to reality,” he explains. “There’s a perceived certainty and rationality to photography that reflects the world we wish for. Still, controlled, measured. My focus is when photography…begins to reflect the irrational, uncontrolled, or the immeasurable.” Working with darkroom-based processes and family and archival photographs, Moule presents ephemeral works. For his “Latent Frequencies” (2013-14) series, for example, he photographed the interiors of houses on the verge of sliding into the sea, then skipped the final step in the process of developing his silver gelatin prints—to chemically “fix” the images onto the paper—resulting in their inevitable degradation into …

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