Sabrina Mezzaqui
Italian, born 1964
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Galleria Massimo Minini at miart 2017,
Galleria Massimo Minini
Galleria Massimo Minini at Art Basel 2016,
Galleria Massimo Minini
Galleria Massimo Minini at MiArt 2015,
Galleria Massimo Minini

Sabrina Mezzaqui is heavily influenced by literature and the process of reading, using her work to merge written language with the visual arts. Mezzaqui often uses paper and books both as subject matter and medium, and a recurring theme in her work is the notion of time. For her 1998 work Le Mille Gru (A thousand cranes), she covered the walls of MoMA PS1 with 999 paper cranes, a reference to a children’s story in which a girl’s survival of nuclear contamination hinges on her making 1000 cranes; thus, the work leaves the story in an eternal state of openness. Conflating past, future and present, her works often impart a feeling of timelessness or represent moments that transcend their immediate contexts.