Sadie Barnette
American, born 1984
Selected exhibitions
Pussy, King of the Pirates,
Over The Rainbow,
Young, Gifted and Black,
Goodman Gallery

Utilizing a range of materials and media, from Polaroids to glitter to spray paint, Sadie Barnette isolates individuals and events, removing all context to create uncanny remembrances of ordinary life. The partial intimacy of Barnette’s photography and collages read like the private memory of an unknown stranger, scrubbed of context and yet unmistakably personal. Previous projects incorporated a 500-page FBI dossier on Barnette’s father, who was closely surveilled by the FBI due to his involvement in the Black Panther Party, which viewers are challenged to understand through the lens of the relationship between a young girl and her father. Throughout her multidisciplinary practice, Barnette commands the dreamlike quality of her work with subtlety and confidence.