Samir Sammoun

b. 1952


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Samir Sammoun (born August 10, 1952) is a Canadian–Lebanese artist and telecommunications engineer. Sammoun works in a series of images from one palette. He works with oils on jute and linen canvas, applying a heavy impasto, created in fast emotional bursts of energy. The result is a spontaneous rendering of the subject, as if a flickering effect of light is coming through, reflected by the colors he places side by side and on top of one another on his canvas. Critics like Noel Meyer of MAGAZIN' ART[2] have said, "Sammoun attempts to make his audience feel the wind blow through the trees, the heat in the air and the colours of the sky ..." Victor Forbes Editor of Fine Art Magazine, has said that "Sammoun's emotional investment in each work is evident in every canvas."

Museum exhibitions

Boston Museum of Fine Arts, "Give the Arts a Chance" project 2014, 2012, 2011
Plattsburgh State University Art Museum, Plattsburgh, New York, 2009
Latino Art Museum, Pomona, California, 2008
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Art Gallery, Quebec Nov–Dec 2005
Retrospective at the Marc-Aurèle Fortin Museum, Montreal, November 2003 to January 2004
McCord Museum, Montréal, Group Exhibition 2002
Permanent collection of the Latino Art Museum, Pomona, California
Permanent collection of the Plattsburgh State University Art Museum, Plattsburgh, New York
Permanent collection of the Champlain Museum, Lake Champlain, New York
Permanent Collection St.Joseph's Oratory Museum, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Permanent collection of Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development Museum, Kuwait

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