Sarah Faux
American , born 1986
Selected exhibitions
Sarah Faux: Pucker,
Capsule Shanghai
Beyond the Gaze: Women Painting Women,
Garis & Hahn
Sarah Faux | Gemini,
Stems Gallery

Focused on the body, Sarah Faux merges abstraction and figuration in her paintings and works on paper, exploring every crevice and plane of the human form, while pushing beyond the perceived boundaries of her medium. She works intuitively, using dye, bleach, oil, and spray paint in various combinations to create a rich assortment of surface effects. The bodies in her compositions—male and female, primarily nude—rarely appear whole. Rather, Faux fragments them, painting a torso, a hand, an extended arm, a back, crossed legs, and genitalia, which alternate between coming into focus and receding into abstraction. Materials and gestures drive her practice, as does her desire to establish a visceral connection between viewers and her compositions: “My dream would be to…recreate an out-of-body experience, and to have somebody experience a painting as…this visceral part of themselves and …

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