Sarah Smelser
American, born 1971
Selected exhibitions
Nevertheless, She Persisted,
Manneken Press
Intimate Choreographies: LJ Douglas and Sarah Smelser,
Peoria Art Guild
Kathryn Markel Gallery

Sarah Smelser is a printmaker known for her abstract monotypes. Her works often allude episodes in Smelser’s own life, as well as both the natural and manmade world, but the references are oblique at best; instead, Smelser says that her work is motivated by a material curiosity and excitement. Her prints characteristically feature simple shapes that are either solid and imposing or thinly hashed and delicate; as Smelser describes, “different types of shapes have fallen into favor at different times in my life.” Throughout much of her career, she employed a strictly limited palette of black, yellow, and red, though she has made more recent exceptions.