Sathyanand Mohan
Indian, born 1975

In his lush, conceptually driven paintings, prints, and photographs, Sathyanand Mohan explores the contradictions of modernity, in general and in his native India. “[The] contradictions that exist and constitute the fault lines of our society are a…consideration that insinuates itself into my works,” he explains. Themes of rupture and continuity—between past and present, individual and society, language and meaning—animate his work. Influenced by Western philosophers like Jürgen Habermas and Gilles Deleuze, and by Indian contemporary art practices, Mohan sees alienation as central to modern life. This is reflected in Fossils/Worker (2008), a painted diptych, whose left panel shows fossils suspended in the interstices of a skin-like grid, and whose right panel shows a solitary worker digging for these fossils in an arid landscape, seeking, but not necessarily finding, connection between …

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