Scott Hunt
American, born 1958
Selected exhibitions
REALLY? Curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody,
Wilding Cran Gallery
Scott Hunt: Then the Darkness Fell,
Schroeder Romero
Summer Camp,
Schroeder Romero

Scott Hunt invents wryly humorous narratives based on discarded snapshots from the mid 20th century found online and in flea markets, rendering the scenes in charcoal on rag paper. The allegorical narratives, formed by combining the most intriguing elements of various snapshots, “reflect a dark, mysterious, intrinsically Gothic view of America,” according to Hunt, wherein “suburbs leach danger [and] authority figures evince moral turpitude.” In And Red All Over (2007), for example, a nun stands by a river from which two policemen have presumably just extracted a corpse. Alternatively, in the series “That Stick Candy,” (2009), Hunt ponders issues of “gay interest”, incorporating imagery conventionally considered homoerotic “into drawings that had much deeper and complex meanings,” as he describes. Influenced by Edward Hopper, Robert Frank, Paul Cadmus, and Walker Evans, Hunt works in the …

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