Sean Lynch
Irish, born 1978
Selected exhibitions
Sean Lynch | Devil In The Detail,
Ronchini Gallery
Sean Lynch: DeLorean Progress Report,
Ronchini Gallery
All the World’s Futures,
56th Venice Biennale

Using his native Ireland as a case study, conceptual artist Sean Lynch explores how political and cultural histories shape contemporary society. Lynch’s books, research projects, videos, and installations, in particular, question the subjective nature of historical records. By mining archival material, the artist builds networks of individual memories and cultural ephemera that propose multifaceted narratives and often uncover marginalized and forgotten histories. His best-known installation Adventure: Capital, exhibited in the 2015 Venice Biennale’s Irish Pavilion, presents a dynamic map of Ireland and Great Britain by coalescing a vast range of imagery and objects related to the politics, commerce, art, religion, and popular culture of both countries throughout history.

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