Sebastian Brajkovic
Dutch, born 1975
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Carpenters Workshop Gallery at Design Miami/ 2016,
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
Re: Collection,
Museum of Arts and Design
Carpenters Workshop Gallery at Design Miami/ 2013,
Carpenters Workshop Gallery

“Truly new and useful products and ideas,” says furniture designer Sebastian Brajkovic, “unite the future, present and past.” The theory is present in Brajkovic’s own sculptural works: he distorts and exaggerates familiar chairs until they become almost blurry; he calls them “Lathe chairs,” after their appearance of having been spun into unrecognizability. Trained as a cabinet maker, Brajkovic draws on his familiarity with wood working tools to magnify their effects. His pieces—nightmarish, distorted, and undeniably contemporary—pay homage to their inspiration, which is always just detectable.