Sebastian Schmieg
German, born 1983

Sebastian Schmieg examines the ways modern technologies shape online and offline realities, in artworks that range from interactive sculptures to video experimentations with generative algorithms. In Search by Image (2011), Schmieg plays with Google’s “search by image” function, beginning a search with a blank image or an image of his own face, then using the resulting image as the basis for another search, producing an algorithmic chain of some thousands of images that he then compiles into videos, constituting a sort of visual narrative. “When starting with my experiments,” Schmieg has said of this piece, “my intention was to playfully examine, misuse, and critique this new thing, which I think is way more than just ‘a tool’.” In his interactive installation 81 Points of View (2011), Schmieg combined modern devices that create augmented realities with antiquated ones that create more …

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