Shai Kremer
Israeli, born 1974
Selected exhibitions
Summer Selection,
Vision Neil Folberg Gallery
Words Matter,
Robert Koch Gallery
Shai Kremer World Trade Center: Concrete Abstract,
Julie Saul Gallery

In his austerely beautiful, medium- to large-format color photographs, Shai Kremer captures the marks of conflict and history on the fraught and mutable landscapes of Israel and New York City. He sees these landscapes as palimpsests on which can be read the rise and fall of empires, continuing power struggles, and changing socio-economic conditions that allow certain structures to rise and others to disappear. Working in series, he positions himself at the margins—the Israeli desert, the edges of New York—to broaden his perspective, intellectually and visually. Kremer has photographed military training grounds in the Negev desert, archaeological ruins, and the various borders dividing the Israelis from the Palestinians—sites so subtle they appear mundane. In New York, he has been focusing on the changing World Trade Center site and on humble and crumbling interstitial structures.