Sharon Switzer
Canadian, born 1966
Selected exhibitions
Corkin Gallery
Virtue of the Mind,
Corkin Gallery
The Edge of Chaos,
Corkin Gallery

Working across digital media, Sharon Switzer uses commercial software to create unusual and evocative animations that relate to her interest in the relationship between photography and the invisible: ghosts, time, and other subjects not literally captured by photography. For “Nearly Present”, Switzer created abstract animations in which near-white forms in black space expand, retract, and loop, resembling energy waves. “Even the simplest motion brings a moment into the present, bringing it to life,” she has said. “My videos often concentrate on the smallest of movements—almost like a moving photograph.” In Gravity, lines like “You look a little tired” and “It could be worse” emerge against a neon waterfall, suggesting a critique of nostalgia and clichéd images and one-liners.