Sheba Chhachhi
Indian, born 1958

With women’s rights and environmental degradation at the core of her work, activist, documentary photographer, installation artist, and writer Sheba Chhachhi transforms pressing contemporary issues into lush, evocative works of art. Chhachhi began her career in the 1980s, documenting the women’s movement in India in powerful photographs. In the 1990s, growing increasingly uncomfortable with “the lie of objectivity . . . and the politics of representation,” as she describes, Chhachhi moved towards “a more collaborative process,” eventually turning to the production of the thematic, multimedia installations for which she is well known. Using a combination of photographs, text, sculpture, and found objects, Chhachhi creates both site-specific and independent works, through which she articulates a range of concerns, including the history and experience of women, the link between the …

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