Shirley Shor
Israeli-American, born 1971
Selected exhibitions
Zemack Contemporary Art at Art Stage Singapore 2018,
Zemack Contemporary Art
Zemack Contemporary Art at Art Toronto 2017,
Zemack Contemporary Art
Shirley Shor | CryptoMania,
Zemack Contemporary Art

Forming spatially and temporally dynamic abstract landscapes, Shirley Shor creates real-time computer-generated installations and environments that incorporate tactile surfaces such as sand, fabric, and wood. “The animated fields of colors, surfaces, lines, and pixels in my work…are metaphors for concepts such as space, borders, conflict, language, and the passage of time,” she explains. Influenced by the politics of her native Israel, Shor endeavors to create a utopian moment wherein borders cease to provoke war. She applied a similar concept in manipulating still photographic portraits into a continually changing 2010 self-portrait. Meanwhile “Split” (2003) builds on the tradition of abstract painting, bringing Piet Mondrian-esque images to life, while her “Hypereliefs” (2010), inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Rotoreliefs and Takashi Murakami’s color palette, represent the concentric …

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