Siobhan Hapaska
Irish, born 1963
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Collected by a major museum
Selected exhibitions
Kerlin Gallery at Dallas Art Fair 2018,
Kerlin Gallery
Kerlin Gallery at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016,
Kerlin Gallery
Siobhán Hapaska at Andréhn-Schiptjenko,

In Siobhan Hapaska’s sprawling mixed-media installations and discrete sculptural works, the artist presents a somber exploration of emotion that is undercut with a subtle sense of humor. Hapaska often combines natural materials, such as trees and skulls, with synthetic ones. Though her work elides representation and direct references, she incorporates concrete cultural symbols. In a 2011 installation, for example, she affixed nine charred tree stumps to metal supports so that they resembled the nine candles of a Hanukkah menorah. In all of her work, Hapaska is less interested in exploring cultural specificity than in the attendant emotional residue carried by the forms she adopts.