Sofia Borges
Brazilian, born 1984
Selected exhibitions
Being: New Photography 2018,
The Museum of Modern Art
Foam 3h: Sofia Borges - Black Chalk and White Charcoal or the Myth of the Absent Matter,
Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam
The Map and the Territory: Dialectical Territories,
Intelligentsia Gallery

Sofia Borges makes haunting, large-format photographs of archival objects and illustrations such as museum dioramas, taxidermy animals, Cold War-era ephemera, and archaic medical drawings. By cropping her subjects, Borges removes them from their original context and renders their content ambiguous, indecipherable, and symbolic. Gathered together, Borges’s diverse array of images represent a rich history of preservation, exhibition, and photographic approaches. Like the photographers who Borges considers influences—Mauro Restiffe, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Roni Horn, and Thomas Demand—her gauzy, saturated images of displayed objects blur the line between fact and fiction. The viewer is left unsure whether Borges’s photographs depict reality or an ancient, curated, cinematic representation of it.