Sofia Hultén
Swedish, born 1972
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Sofia Hultén | Truckin',
Daniel Marzona
Appearance & Essence,
Art Encounters Foundation
Freunde und Bekannte,
Sparwasser HQ

Sofia Hultén’s sculptural work uses time-based practices to disrupt linear or expected narratives, drawing on quantum physics and the concept that every action has a reaction. Hultén’s work unsettles assumptions about stable origins and causation. Her videos feature found objects that serve as catalysts for these explorations. For example, in Mutual Annihilation (2008), Hultén tenderly restores an old, beat-up chest of drawers to its imagined original state. She then reverses the process of rehabilitation by reenacting the damage that presumably led to the chest’s battered condition. As a concluding act, Hultén re-releases the found object into the flotsam of daily existence, consigning it to exist only in the viewer’s memory.