Sofia Quirno
Argentine, born 1976
Selected exhibitions
Hache Gallery at arteBA 2018,
Hache Gallery
Hache Gallery at arteBA 2017,
Hache Gallery
Praxis at Art15 London,

In her spare, semi-abstract paintings, drawings, and murals, Sofia Quirno transforms her impressions of her surroundings into intentionally ambiguous images. “With a sense of sweet sorrow and sometimes a note of sarcasm, my work references my own experience of the human condition and the context that surrounds me,” she says. Rather than offer clear narratives and easy conclusions, she prefers to keep her compositions open-ended and evocative. Her practice involves imagining everyday objects—including crumpled soda cans, stuffed dolls, or cans of paint—out of context and in unlikely combinations. In her acrylic-on-paper painting A Question of Perspective (2014), an amorphous gray form, resembling a stuffed doll or toy, is overlaid by a bright, red-orange form that could be a small chair or, perhaps, a miniature water tower—depending, as Quirno would have it, on the viewer’s perspective.