Stacia Yeapanis
American, born 1977

In her multidisciplinary work, Stacia Yeapanis explores the ways we consume culture and the ways that media shapes identity. A member of the Chicago-based Henbane Collective, Yeapanis centers much of her work on collecting and appropriating content from pop culture—from online fan videos, glossy magazines, computer simulation games, and cult television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Beverly Hills 90210—and then remixing it through a variety of mediums, including video, site-specific collage, and even embroidery. “I can't ever really know if such a thing as human nature exists, but I find meaning in the proposition that the search for meaning is our primary drive,” Yeapanis says. “It's the articulation of a world view that gives me the faith to keep going when I experience the void.”

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