Stefan Gec
British, born 1958
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Light / Dark,
Annely Juda Fine Art
Annely Juda Fine Art at FIAC 15,
Annely Juda Fine Art

Stefan Gec engages the charged culture of warfare and military innovation in sculptures built from replicas and found objects related to the history of conflict. His pieces are often large-scale and made from industrial materials and salvaged weapons, fusing the dynamic re-contextualization of Marcel Duchamp's readymades with the sociopolitical rigor of Chris Burden’s installations and performances. In Gentle Circuit (2012), Gec unearthed a pair of massive tires from a discarded South African DC-10 cargo plane and set them in motion with motors. The kinetic object, removed from its original context and wrangled into a sputtering, ineffective machine, evokes themes of globalization, the arms race, and the futility of war.