Steve Locke
American, born 1963
Represented by up-and-coming galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Cosmic Traffic Jam,
Zevitas Marcus
White Boys,
Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Haverford College
you don't deserve me, Solo Exhibition Steve Locke,

Steve Locke draws inspiration from Robert Smithson’s famous line, “A great artist can create art by casting a glance. A set of glances can be as solid as any thing or any place.” The quotation serves as the basis for a series of drawings titled “for Smithson”—100 drawings of male faces casting glances—as well as a larger thematic interest in his work. Locke exclusively draws or paints portraits of men, which he sometimes assembles into mixed-media sculptures or installations. In spite of the specificity of his subject matter, Locke produces expansive bodies of work. Like “for Smithson”, the series “Tongue and Companions” presents multiple variations of a face sticking its tongue out. Locke’s works sometimes carry a subtle sexual reference, as in the case of “Circumference”—a grid of 99 self-portraits fitted into circles that Locke traced from a cockring.