Susan Collis
British, born 1956
Selected exhibitions
Ingleby Gallery
and per se and: part VII - Susan Collis & Richard Forster,
Ingleby Gallery
Susan Collis: I would like to invite the viewer,
Lora Reynolds Gallery

Susan Collis’s work brings mundane detritus and materials into sharp relief, calling attention to otherwise overlooked elements of our daily lives. “I’ve always wanted a creative life,” she says. “But being an artist wasn’t something that I’d ever, ever planned.” Collis playfully recreates objects like discarded floorboards using mother-of-pearl inlay, diamonds, and silver, or hand-stitches painters’ drop cloths to recreate inadvertent splashes and drips—paying close attention to craftmanship. Her work has been described as “Baroque Minimalism,” developed from artists who revel in materials, such as Robert Morris, and those who play with mimesis and impersonation, like Robert Gober and Jeff Koons.