Tamy Ben-Tor and Miki Carmi

Despite their lack of immediate similarities, video and perfomance artist Tamy Ben-Tor and painter Miki Carmi share more than their home and Israeli heritage. The duo collaborate on exhibitions and photographic performance works that caricature different personas, conjuring an assortment of elaborate personalities that grow more absurd with their subjects’ age. In a 2010 series, the pair photographed each other enacting various characters, as in Smudi and Dad Exercising (2010). The individual works of Ben-Tor and Carmi take on similar themes. Carmi paints exaggerated profiles of grotesquely aged figures, creating an embellished hyper-reality of the physical deterioration brought on by age, while in Ben-Tor’s performances and videos, the artist herself becomes the physical embodiment of Jewish myths and stereotypes contorted into inflated narratives.

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