Tesa Michaels

Tesa Michaels studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Colorado, where she earned her degree. She was as an Art Director at a health products company, and also at J. Walter Thompson, working on Ford commercials. In the last 10 years, Tesa re-discovered her roots as a Fine Artist, picking up oil paints, and found her true niche calling. “As an artist I am so passionate about each piece and have so much fun creating art.” Tesa's inspiration by the abundant and unique materials in nature's diverse landscape, was instrumental in the creation of her 'ELEMENTS' Series of paintings. “This series is a blending of semi-precious stones, and unique pieces of the earth with traditional fine art painting. The semi-precious stones and other materials that I use in my ELEMENTS series come from all over the world. Each semi-precious stone has unique properties which …

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