Thaddeus Wolfe
American, born 1979
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
20 Years of Discovery,
R & Company
Thaddeus Wolfe: New Work,
R & Company
A Case Study in Lighting,
SEOMI International

Known for his glass “Assemblage” works, Thaddeus Wolfe creates improvisational sculptures that are strictly one-of-a-kind due to his process and the necessary demolition of each plaster-silica mold. Hand-blown into a heated mold, before each piece can be polished to the desired texture and reflectivity the mold must be broken, thus making every sculpture truly unique. Raised in Ohio, Wolfe studied art and design with a focus in glass at the Cleveland Institute of Art, followed by numerous artist residencies, including one at The Creative Glass Center of America in New Jersey. During this residency, Wolfe was first inspired to begin his “Inclusion” series, which combined molten and colored glass to create free-blown vases housing suspended, abstract forms.