Thierry Cohen
French, born 1963
Selected exhibitions
Wonderful Lies - A Summer Show,
Danziger Gallery
Summer Selection,
Danziger Gallery
Thierry Cohen,
Danziger Gallery

Parisian photographer Thierry Cohen depicts cityscapes with night skies artificially voided of their usual light pollution. Although Cohen began focusing solely on this project—titled “Villes Enteintes” (Darkened Cities)—in 2010, he has been working as a professional photographer since the 1980s, pioneering the use of digital technology. To produce his striking images, Cohen uses Photoshop to alter and combine metropolitan cityscapes with starry skies from deserts and plains, which he photographs at the exact time, angle, and latitude of the respective cities (including Shanghai, New York, and Rio de Janeiro). Although Cohen’s process uses modern technology, his work recalls the composite seascapes of 19th-century photographer Gustave Le Gray—equally innovative in his time—who used multiple negatives to grant a single image with a perfectly exposed sea and sky.