Thomas Macker
American, born 1982
Thomas Macker: Holdout,
Klowden Mann
Thomas Macker: ⁂ (Asterism),
Klowden Mann

Drawing predominantly from the experiences of people living in the rural American Midwest, Thomas Macker creates conceptual video, photography, and sculptural works. In videos he has explored hydraulic fracturing wells, using a green screen to document and rhapsodize about the ecological tradeoffs of industrial development. He has also employed materials like farm signs and empty grain bags as formal elements in stylized documentary tableaux of modern pastoral life. Macker’s work reveals layers of imagistic associations, records of experience, and deeper conceptual interrogations of social relations and formalist tropes. “As an artist I essay to make contact with the sublime, the numinous, the mysterium tremendum,” he says. “This is especially urgent now in an era of shallow cleverness, technology-drunk speed, scientism, blind progress.”