Timothy Washington
American, born 1946
Eyes Forward,
Tilton Gallery at Art Basel 2011,
Tilton Gallery

Timothy Washington creates assemblages that incorporate drawing, painting, and especially sculpture. Known especially for semi-abstract depictions of human figures, Washington believes combining various media begets greater visual impact. Inspired by folk art and African sculpture, his style developed in conversation with his L.A.-based peers including John Outterbridge, Betye Saar, and David Hammons, building off early influence from Simon Rodia’s seminal Watts Towers (1921-54). Works such as Love Thy Neighbor: A dedication to the power structure (1968) incorporate discarded objects found in his native L.A. “Each piece says something, whether for or against the establishment,” he said. The everyday found materials he has been known to use include bottles, fabric, paper, china, cotton, and coat hangers.