TM Sisters
TM Sisters: Prismavolt,
David Castillo Gallery
Whirl Crash Go!,
Locust Projects

Collaborating under the name TM Sisters, Monica and Tasha Lopez de Victoria are known for their kaleidoscopic, multi-media performances. Based in Miami and natives of Florida, the sisters combine audio, visuals, and action in extensive and often interplaying mediums—video, animated projections, performance, and large-scale installations, as well as two-dimensional works and social experiments. Informed by an upbringing heavy on discussions of spirituality, psychology, truth, and creativity, the siblings explore these topics in colorful and engaging displays, like their site-specific Whirl Crash Go! in 2008. Injected with Miami spirit, the performance explored the clash of cultures in the city, even including a theatrical fight and reconciliation. During the production, among video projections and abstract imagery, Monica—a synchronized swimmer—performed in a pool beneath mirrored …

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