Tofer Chin
American, born 1979
Tofer Chin: One,
RH Contemporary Art

Inspired by his hometown of Los Angeles and its surf, skate, and BMX cultures, Tofer Chin filters his surroundings into graphic, pared-down shapes painted in bright color or crisp blacks and whites. Chin refers to his paintings as “abstracted landscapes,” and in them he plays with perception, defying two-dimensionality with carefully arranged forms that appear to be receding into or popping out of the canvas. He summarizes his production of paintings, sculptures, installations, public projects, and graphic design work by saying, “A major part of my work and what I’m trying to convey to my viewer in one…word is: experimentation.” This thirst for experimentation led him away from his early figurative compositions and toward the hard-edged geometric abstractions he is now known for. He presents all of his works as invitations for viewers to tap into their imaginations.