Tom Joyce
American, born 1956

At 16, Tom Joyce left school to devote his life to metalsmithing and has become an award-winning designer, artist, and blacksmith, whose large- and small-scale sculptures, architectural ironwork, and public installations are seen across America. Joyce works with iron, bringing a keen sense of the history of this material to all of his projects—including its use in early railways, warships, and the Eiffel Tower. By incorporating salvaged iron into many of his works, he invests his new creations with the specific history of the recycled pieces from which they are composed. Joyce’s organic forms—resembling seedpods, twigs, boulders, and chrysalises—are inspired by nature and its mathematically elegant patterns. In Stacked (2006), he builds a tower out of stacked cast iron blocks, which look like melting ice cubes and impart a playful softness to this otherwise solid structure.

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