Tomás Rivas
Chilean, born 1975
Selected exhibitions
Country Club, Collective show,
Taller Bloc
Taller Bloc at PINTA NY,
Taller Bloc
Feria Ch.ACO,
Taller Bloc

Tomás Rivas is known for his deft ability to adapt his style and technique to mimic the architecture and design of different historical periods in his works. The common theme in his installations is the social implication of architecture, or in his own words, “how formal decisions in the design of buildings impact both the self-image of those who inhabit them and the image they project to the outside world.” His pursuits have led him to draw inspiration expansively, including from Classical and Rococo styles. Rivas, who studied sculpture and apprenticed as a printmaker, applies a combination of carving, drawing, and molding techniques everyday materials like plaster, drywall, and wood. He is also known to manipulate perspective and depth in his works.

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